Facilitating Teams & Organisations

Do you work with a team or know a team that wants (or needs!) to work their best? I specialise in facilitating and training teams to become better at communicating, to collaborate with curiosity, and be even more creative and innovative. I facilitate teams working together within organisations in all sectors. I work with both small teams of 3 or more to larger teams of over 10 to many more! I use a range of facilitation techniques including pioneering a systemic approach, NLP based outcome setting and creative exploration tools.

Would you like to know more?

“And when you work at your best, then what happens?”

Know more about how you are working well and what could work better. Share and reflect on your current reality. Learn how to give feedback about that and anything else in effective, clear and conflict-free ways. Know more about how you and the others in your team think, plan, share, create, use time… and really work at your best and their best.

“What is not working so well at the moment?”

Would it help to know what is happening when the challenges and difficulties arise? Teams can often have conflict, contempt, confusion and be in crisis and we help teams move to having more collaboration, creativity, communication and clarity. There are sometimes dramas and we train teams to recognise these and have tools and strategies to overcome these.

“And what is different now?”

Change happens all the time, both in teams and organisations and in life in general. Change can often create mistrust, discord and unhappiness if it is handled in particular ways. Sometimes it is resisted: when changes need to happen and something is stopping that we can give you tools to aid that and enable changes to happen. I train you to have additional creative tools and techniques to generate ideas and solve problems which allows work, business and teams to evolve.

“Coming together is a beginning, staying together is progress, and working together is success.”

Henry Ford again!