“What would you like to have happen?”

Powerful one to one coaching for all: for those who want to develop, improve, change, challenge and innovate. Having a professional ask you questions that no-one else normally would and provide some accountability is proven to make us even more effective. Clients use my coaching services for leadership, performance, development and change as well as in therapeutic ways. It is an opportunity to find new perspectives, know yourself and your purpose and how to navigate towards that more clearly and creatively. This work is for high performing leaders, professionals or individuals wanting to be at their best.


Coaching Sessions:

“If this were to go just as you’d like: it would be like what?”

The coaching sessions are a series of confidential one to one meetings with the agenda set by the client so that you know more about what you would like to have happen and then how you personally can make that happen. The art to high quality coaching is paying exquisite attention to my clients as a whole person and whole context, and knowing what to ask next with a high level of trust and rapport.


Coaching for professionals:

“What is going well for you at the moment?”

Coaching leaders, managers, small business owners and employees to evaluate performance, get fresh perspectives on work and results and develop future outcomes. Using a coach to facilitate insight into what is working well and what could work better is now a common practice within organisations.

Coaching for individuals:

“What could you do differently or better?”

We all want to change things in life and work, either to improve, make it different or even overcome difficulties. As with most things, doing this with someone’s help and support is so much easier and more effective. So whether you want to have more confidence, energy, direction, ability to make decisions or would like to overcome challenges such as anxiety, stress, fears, emotional turmoil… get a coach!

Personal Navigation:

Are you stuck in a career or want to make changes to your future direction or do you just a little lost? This course is aimed at people who want to evaluate where they are, what they want and how to get there. This day long course limited to small groups up to 4 people uses physical navigation outside a tool with which to discover more about where you are, possible routes ahead and how you personally will be able to navigate towards those options.

You will learn how to use a map and compass in open spaces such as the New Forest, South Downs, Dartmoor and more mountainous terrain. These simple tools are then used as a metaphor to enable me to coach you, unpack ideas, and facilitate possible directions you wish to take. There will be times during the day to be inside or under shelter to plan, make notes and reflect with the others in the team to gain clarity.