Welcome to Think Outside

I work with individuals and teams and organisations who want to develop, change or improve what is happening now and find tangible, effective and sustainable ways forwards. I use coaching, facilitation and training to achieve these changes, inspire alternative directions, overcome barriers and help people and teams work at their best. I use a variety of techniques revolving around NLP and Clean Language and Creative Thinking. Alongside this I also use spaces and environments we work in to enhance clients’ learning, development and creativity.

What I Do


Clients use my coaching services for leadership, performance, development and change as well as in therapeutic ways. It is an opportunity to find new perspectives, real and meaningful insights, know yourself to a much greater degree and at the same time generate creative ideas, motivation and direction.  The art to high quality coaching is paying exquisite attention to our clients as a whole person and whole context, and knowing what to ask next with a high level of trust and rapport.


Facilitating Teams and Organisations

“When you are working at your best you are like what?”  I facilitate teams working together within organisations in all sectors. I work with both small teams of 3 or more to larger teams of over 10 to many more! I use a range of facilitation techniques including pioneering a systemic approach, NLP based outcome setting and creative exploration tools.



Would you like to know more about NLP and how to apply it? Are you interested in Clean Language, Systemic practice and being creative? Find out more about our training courses.


It’s about thinking outside the normal boundaries: to think beyond our limitations and what we know right now.

It’s about doing something different: if you always do the same things you’ll always get the same results (to paraphrase Henry Ford). You can see your thinking by making it visual, listen to your thinking by having it reflected back and feel your thinking by sharing and externalising it. It can have a powerful impact and create required change to happen when working one to one and even more powerfully when working with teams and groups.

It’s also about being outside your normal environment… sometimes outdoors in the open, natural spaces and environments, walking, being active and sometimes inside, finding spaces to active more creative and active thinking. It has been neurologically proven that being in new environments, and especially the outdoors generates much higher abilities to think creatively, arrive at solutions and not settle into normal patterns. I encourage clients and teams to work in new places, spaces and environments and sometimes combine this with activity in moors, mountains, rivers, the sea and coasts.